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i get the news i need on the weather report

matthew just updated his diary for the second time in about a week or ten days after updating only once or so over the summer. his entries are always interesting in an offbeat and oh so not ordinary kind of way. the most recent entry includes his seeing kurt vonnegut and having his bicycle stolen. the entry before the most recent is about the debate. i love how he hates bush.

you all want to know about the show at the crocodile on friday, september 24. i'm sorry for not writing about it here sooner, but after writing about it in my own journal, i somehow felt like i didn't need to write about it here. i'm sorry.

i am shy and intimidated by matthew because i love him so much. therefore, i did not talk to him, though i had several opportunities to do so. i stood next to him during john vanderslice's last song and that made me happy. i sat in the bar in a booth next to his and watched him lounge on the seat in his precious striped sweater. his set itself was short but lovely. it started when he joined john roderick and sean nelson on stage for "the only living boy in new york." it was gorgeous, and i'd do any number of things for a copy of the recording. after this, j-rod stayed on stage, and sang backup vocals on two or three of "totally new songs" that matthew sang. lovely of course. then there was "blizzard of '77" (joy) and "happy kid" and "always love" and "imaginary friends." there may have been another new but performed before song. he ended with "meow meow lullaby," a song nada surf recorded for a cd for children with degenerative diseases. it's really pointless to try to explain the song here, so i'll post an mp3 of it as soon as i relocate it. however, i will tell you that the song is precious. i took some pics, and i'll scan them and post them as soon as i get them back, which should be within the next 10 days.

always love.
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October 11 2004, 14:57:15 UTC 12 years ago

I would love to see those pics.
You are awesome Chelsea.
thanx a lot chelsea, you are great
he SHOULD marry you))


December 25 2004, 17:35:47 UTC 12 years ago

I avoid gossip and all types of negative thinking and speaking.
I either say something positive, or I say nothing at all.



April 30 2005, 21:51:55 UTC 11 years ago

Matthew is cute. He's alright I guess. On the short side but not too short.
He's ok.
If he were naked in the shower at the YMCA, he wouldn't be much different than the other dudes.
I don't see what all the drama is about.
The one time I saw him, I thought he was part Albino because of his lashes and eyebrows.
I welcome your comments.
Of course this is all superficial talk. His lyrics say a few things that I tell myself all the time.


May 28 2006, 22:42:59 UTC 10 years ago

Can you update this page and maybe show us some pics from Sasquatch?